I recently sat down for an interview with an escort, and I was indeed very surprised to learn what and all they go through in life and how their profession affects their personal lives. Well, for obvious reasons, I will not be revealing the name of the escort that I interviewed for obvious reasons, and also because they did wanted to maintain privacy. The escort I talked with had a son, aged 5 years and this person is actually a male escort. They were okay with the gender being revealed. It is also a very surprising factor to me that he is a male escort who is straight, but yet agrees to take male clients. Here is his story as dictated by him.

“I realized that I wanted to become an escort when I was in college, and I needed money to pay for groceries and whatnot. I really did not have enough time to actually hold even a part-time job because I was really busy with college. I got out of class, and I was sitting in the university courtyard, and this girl came to me, and straight-up asked if I would go to a party with her and that she would pay me if I pretended to be her boyfriend for the evening. Well, since I was desperate for money, I agreed.

I went with her to the party, and I ended up having a great time. She later said that she would pay me extra if I kissed her in front of some people she knows, I did not think twice, I agreed to that too, and I did it. After that incident, I found myself liking the feeling the I had just made $200 and that I had also enjoyed myself a lot. I loved the feeling that I had just made easy money.

That is where it all started. I started taking deals with more people, and this started building up. My first sexual experience was with a guy who just wanted me to cuddle him, and I did do that. He said he would straight up pay an extra $200 for some sexual stuff but not sex. I liked it, and it had been a while since I had any sexual experiences. It was indeed fun. I started charging more for sexual stuff.

I actually ended up getting one of my clients pregnant, and I have a 5-year-old son now. I take care of that son with the girl who was my client, we share joint custody of him, and the girl also knows that I am still an escort. I did not actually picture my life turning put this way, but I can say that I am happy.

The Story Of An Escort
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